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    September 28 2015

    Cheers to Autumn with Reyka Vodka! Skál!

    Embrace the changing seasons with these festive cocktail recipes from Iceland’s famous vodka brand.

    Some of Iceland’s greatest natural wonders happen in the autumn months, from changing fall foliage to the northern lights. Reyka Vodka, the famous Icelandic vodka brand, has compiled a selection of recipes inspired by the beautiful Icelandic autumn season. Check out these recipes below to spice up your cocktails with a festive flavor! As always, be a good Icelander and skál responsibly!

    Caraway Collins
    2 parts Reyka Vodka
    ¾ part Kummel liqueur
    ¾ part fresh lemon juice
    ½ part simple syrup
    3 dashes Celery bitters
    Top club soda

    Caraway Collins

    Cranberry Apéritif
    2 parts Reyka Vodka
    ½ part Campari
    1 part Lillet Blanc
    10 muddled cranberries
    Top with Hard Cider
    Peychaud's bitter

    Cranberry Apertif

    Fall Mule
    2 parts Reyka Vodka
    1 part Ginger Beer
    2 parts Apple Cider
    ¼ part simple syrup

    Fall Mule

    Vanilla Pear Tini
    1 3/4 parts Reyka Vodka 
    3/4 part Galliano Vanilla  
    2 parts pear juice
    top cream soda

    Vanilla Peartini

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