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    September 21 2015

    Up + Downtown Music Festival Presents “Iceland Calling” on October 10

    If you’re in Edmonton, get your tickets for this celebration of Icelandic music!

    This year, Up + Downtown Music Festival introduces Iceland Calling, a concert featuring performances from several of Iceland’s most notable musicians! Don’t miss the musical event of the year on Saturday, October 10th at All Saints’ Anglican Cathedral in Edmonton. Doors to the concert will open at 6:30 pm, with the show beginning at 7:00 pm. Concert-goers of all ages can purchase tickets in advance for $12 or buy their tickets at the door for $15. Guests can expect performances from these internationally renowned concert headliners:


    Sóley began her musical career touring the world as the multi-instrumentalist for the popular band Seabear. It wasn’t until she returned to Iceland that she discovered her own unique vocal sound. Now, just five years later, Sóley has become one of the most celebrated musicians in Iceland. With a focus on indie-folk and indie-pop, Sóley finds a way to perfectly synchronize beautiful piano playing with her own delicate vocal delivery, producing a dreamy sound that resonates with her listeners.

    Snorri Helgason

    It was only ten years ago that Snorri stormed out of his job as a record store clerk to pursue music. Since then, he has grown to be one of the most successful artists to come out of Iceland with several chart-topping hits, multi-platinum sales, world tours and numerous collaborations with other Icelandic musical sensations. As an artist that is revered for his timeless melodies, Snorri offers fans a glimpse into his personal struggles and emotions through heartfelt, folk-tinged beats and lyrics.

    Petur Ben

    Born in Reykjavik in 1976, Petur began his musical career when he was just a teenager. Known in the underground Icelandic music scene for many years, Petur did not gain notoriety until he began playing with and arranging music for the well-known band, Mugison. It was at this same time that Petur graduated with a degree in composition from the Reykjavik Academy of Music in 2004. The indie-rock artist has since gone on to score for several major films and theatre productions, with the most notable being “Dreamplay” and “Woyzeck.”

    Guests will also be able to enjoy performances by Post Script, Kris Ellestad, and Mary Pinkoski, several up-and-coming, yet equally captivating artists. Also included in the list is break-out musician Braden Gates. Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Braden Gates has quickly gained popularity throughout Iceland. Through folk-tinged beats featuring intricate guitar work, intense fiddle play and wholesome lyrics, Braden seeks to communicate his own personal stories while bringing his listeners together.

    Iceland Calling offers guests a taste of every facet of Icelandic music culture. From Petur Ben’s gripping indie rock ballads to Soley’s dream-like melodies, there is something for everyone at this year’s concert. Music lovers will not want to miss this rare opportunity to experience the sounds of Iceland’s most notable artists. RSVP on Facebook here

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