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    August 10 2016

    Follow Icelandic Musician Ólafur Arnalds On a 7-Week Journey Through Iceland

    He'll be collaborating with local artists to create a soundtrack of the country.

    Updated (8/10/2016): Ólafur ends his seven week journey in Reykjavik.


    For the next seven weeks, Ólafur Arnalds will be travelling around Iceland to collaborate with local Icelandic musicians to create unique compositions. Island Songs will be a living musical film shot in real time. Starting June 27th, every Monday, the website will feature a new audio and video recordings of the most recent performance. The project is looking to show the diversity of Icelandic music by telling each artist's story through their songs.

    Ólafur Arnalds is an award-winning Icelandic multi-instrumentalist and producer. Ólafur mixes strings and piano with loops and beats to create a sound that crosses between ambient and electronic pop. In 2007, Ólafur released his first solo album, Eulogy for Evolution. He toured with Sigur Rós in 2008 following the release of his next EP, Variations of Static. Since then, Ólafur has released two more studio albums and toured all over the world.

    Check back here every Monday to hear the musical compositions, or follow Island Songs on the project's website. You can also follow Ólafur’s journey on his Twitter and Instagram.

    Week One: Hvammstangi

    Week Two: Önundarfjörður

    Week Three: Selvogur

    Week Four: Akureyri

    Week Five: Mosfellsdalur

    Week Six: Garður

    Week Seven: Reykjavik

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