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    December 31 2017

    Icelandic Art Center New Events and Exhibits Coming This January

    Keep an eye out for these events and exhibitions put on by the Icelandic Art Center this month!

    The Icelandic Art Center puts on many exciting events and exhibits at venues throughout Iceland year round. These exhibits feature artists local and foreign to Iceland. Take a look at some exhibits currently on display and which are coming soon in January! 

    When: Until February 4th, 2018

    Who: Anna Hallin, Claudia Hausfeld, Jeannette Castioni, Joris Rademaker, Rebecca Erin Moran, Sari Cedergren and Theresa Himmer

    WhereReykjavik Art Museum

    What: The Greater Iceland exhibit includes international artists who have settled in Iceland for a duration of time. The exhibit lives on the pretense that the artists’ works have ideas to tell about themselves and the communities they inhabit. 

    Image Credit: http://artmuseum.is/exhibitions/greater-iceland

    When: Until February 4, 2018

    Who: Ange Leccia

    WhereThe National Gallery of Iceland

    What: Ange’s La Mer exhibit encompasses the impact that his work in cinematography has left on the expansion of video as a medium in French contemporary art. La Mer is his best known work and showcases his hometown of Corsica and the sea, which he repeatedly films always using new technology.

    Image Credit: http://www.listasafn.is/english/exhibitions/ange-leccia-1

    When: Until February 4, 2018

    Who: Claudia Hausfeld, Elísabet Brynhildardóttir, Eva Ísleifsdóttir, and Sindri Leifsson

    WhereSkaftfell gallery

    What: The group’s The Thing Is exhibit explores objecthood in a plethora of ways. The title of the exhibition implies the beginning of a conversation, explanation, and statement on the way of things, objects, or conditions.

    Image Credit: http://skaftfell.is/claudia-hausfeld-elisabet-brynhildardottir-eva-isleifsdottir-sindri-leifsson/?lang=e

    When: Until May 1, 2018

    Who: Erró

    WhereReykjavik Art Museum

    What: Erró’s More is Beautiful exhibit revolves around his main themes of excess and density. His collection, consisting of paintings, collages, and movies, showcases his intricate and charged structures which communicate materials related to politics, science, fiction, and art history.

    Image Credit: http://artmuseum.is/exhibitions/erro-more-beautiful-0

    When: Until June 15, 2018

    Who: Theresa Himmer

    WhereGallery Sign

    What: Theresa’s Perfect Continuum exhibit revolves around the words “It will have been here,” representing the allusion to the duration of a place. The exhibit is installed during the darkest time of year, when the letters are only visible through contrast to its surrounding darkness. The artist and architect’s work includes photography, single-channel video, and installations in public space.

    Image Credit: http://gallerysign.com/nuverandi_syning

    When: Until January 6th, 2018

    Who: Steingrímur Eyfjörð

    Where: Hverfisgallerí

    What: Steingrímur Eyfjörð’s Pareidolia exhibit

    Image Credit: https://hverfisgalleri.is/

    When: Until January 14, 2018

    Who: Mina Tomic and Kobi Suissa

    WhereKling & Bang

    WhatMina’s work focuses on physical experience extracting action into dialogue, which she passes on to her environments and language. Kobi’s art focuses on body researches in the mediums of paint, sculpture and video. 

    Image Credit: http://this.is/klingogbang/

    When: Until January 14, 2018

    Who: Kristbergur Pétursson

    WhereGerðuberg Culture House

    What: Kristbergur Pétursson’s oil paintings exhibit consists of written work, drawings, graphics, and oil paintings. Kristbergur’s work summarizes very opposite approaches, along with the fastest method of writing and many rounds of paint.

    Image Credit: http://borgarbokasafn.is/en/content/kristbergur-p%C3%A9tursson-oil-paintings

    When: Until January 21, 2018

    Who: Asger Jorn

    WhereThe National Gallery of Iceland

    What: In the late Asger Jorn’s Comparative Vandalism exhibit, Jorn’s time spent in the summer of 1964 in Gotland, Sweden was the muse for this archived collection. The exhibition features Jorn's approach, by studying the photographic contact sheets from his Gotland journey in 1964. With the concept of comparative vandalism as his point of departure, Jorn attempted to renegotiate art history and artistic practices. 

    Image Credit: https://www.facebook.com/listasafn.islands/photos/gm.459957981052889/10155729960159695/?type=3&theater

    When: Until January 14, 2018

    Who: Anna Rún Tryggvadóttir

    Where: Reykjavik Art Museum

    What: Anna’s Garden exhibit explores her altered view of the pretenses of the communal garden of human thought. Her view takes on unexpected forms as she brings in different materials to find their own course within the borders of the exhibition.

    Image Credit: http://artmuseum.is/exhibitions/d31-anna-run-tryggvadottir-garden

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