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    March 26 2014

    Infographic: Tourists in Iceland

    2013 was a record year for Iceland's Keflavik International Airport, which experienced a 15.6% increase in passengers from the previous year. TriptoIceland.com also noted the increase in tourism in Iceland and published an interesting infographic that breaks down some tourism statistics from the past year. Here are some of those facts about Iceland's 7798,000 visitors in 2013:

    Top visiting Countries

    • United Kingdom

    • United States

    • Germany

    Mode of Transportation

    • 730,000 via airplane

    • 49,000 via cruise

    • 0 via telepathy (surprisingly)

    When asked if they would visit Iceland again, the vast majority of tourists surveyed said yes. Interestingly, 85% of those who visited Iceland during the winter said they'd return, and 79% who visited in the summer said they were likely to return. As TriptoIceland.com points out, this is a bit surprising since the Iceland's winter weather is harsh and they have limited hours of sunlight, while the summer days are literally endless.

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