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    May 03 2016

    Kjarninn: Delivering Icelandic News Right to Your Inbox

    Stay up to date with the latest Icelandic political, business and economic news.

    Kjarninn is an online Icelandic newspaper founded in 2013 focused on delivering readers the most important Icelandic business, political and economic news. Expanding on its online digital platform, Kjarninn recently added two English newsletters to its repertoire that you can subscribe to through their website:

    • The Weekly Report is a newsletter is sent to your inbox every Friday with a comprehensive report focused on business, economics and politics. After a three week free trial, you can pay $59 a month for a full subscription.

    • The Daily Report is delivered to your inbox every day with the latest in business, economics, politics and international affairs. After a three week free trial, the full subscription fee is $109 a month.

    Click here to sign up for your free trial!

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