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    August 07 2015

    Love Wins at Reykjavik Pride August 4-9

    Celebrate LGBTQI pride at the 17th annual festival!

    Updated 8/7/15: A rainbow road has been painted down the center of Reykjavik for the pride festival! 

    It’s no wonder Iceland is the happiest place on Earth to be gay. For the 17th year in a row, Reykjavik is hosting a gay-pride festival that will be attended by one third of the nation’s population to show their support for the gay community!

    Reykjavik Pride is a six day festival filled with non-stop events: talks, shows, skits, and on August 8th, a grand parade and outdoor concert. Check out the full lineup of events here!

    Here are a few events taking place during the week!

    Tuesday, August 4

    • Photo exhibition and rainbow street painting

    • Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride

    • Queer as Fu#% at Kiki Queer Bar

    Wednesday, August 5

    • BDSM: Sexual orientation or lifestyle?

    • Fun & Fairies at Klambratún

    • Evening concert with Hörður Torfason

    Thursday, Aug 6

    • Break the Silence seminar

    • Let’s talk about HIV: Discussions and HIV tests

    • Reykjavik Pride Opening Ceremony at Harpa Concert Hall

    • After Party at Kiki Queer Bar

    Friday, August 7

    • QueeReads

    • Reykjavik Queer Choir Concert

    • Queer Cruise

    • Shore Leave Party

    Saturday, August 8

    • Rainbow Concert

    • Lunch Beat

    • The Pride Parade

    • Queer Youth Party

    • Reykjavik Pride Dance

    Sunday, August 9

    • Bubbly Brunch

    • Family Circus Party

    • The Búðabandið concert

    The festival began in 1999 with a celebration of  about 1,500 people. Today, folks from all over the globe come to Reykjavik to be a part of one of the biggest pride parades in existence. If you’re looking to hit as many events as possible, there are Pride Passes available that serves as your ticket to all Pride events!

    Reykjavik Pride is just one of the many aspects of Icelandic culture that proves the country and its citizens to be compassionate and caring. Besides having another massive gay-pride festival in the winter, Iceland has also been named the most peaceful country in the world for the past 8 years and the best country in the world for gender equality.

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