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    December 11 2014

    RedBull Travels to Iceland to Film its 'Into The Dirt' Mountainbiking Series

    Iceland was the latest stop in the hunt for the new frontier in mountain biking.

    We know Iceland is a great spot for filmingviewing the northern lights, and brewing beer, and now RedBull, Moment Pictures and Kyle Jameson have proven that it's one of the most amazing places in the world for mountainbkining, too. Three mountainbikers are traveling the world in search of the new frontier in mountainbiking and made their latest stop in Iceland. They describe Iceland's sand plateaus, lava fields, mountains and glaciers as "perfect" for the adventurous and daring riders.

    Watch the video below to see what their experience was like. You've never seen Iceland like this before!

    Want to embark on an Icelandic mountainbiking adventure of your own? Check out Icebike-adventures, the company that guided the tour in the video.

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