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    January 30 2018

    Travel Tips from Iceland’s First Lady

    Learn how to make the most of your trip and be a safe and responsible tourist.

    When it comes to traveling for any tourist, it’s important to remember some tips for smart and environmentally sustainable travel throughout a foreign country. This is especially true in countries with valuable natural land, such as Iceland. Who better to learn how to safely travel through Iceland from than the country’s very own First Lady, Eliza Reid? A Taste of Iceland veteran literature speaker, Eliza was also recently appointed as Special Ambassador for Tourism by the World Tourism Organization. Check out some of her tips on how to safely and responsibly travel through Iceland:

    • Be sure to check the weather before you arrive and everyday as it can change frequently.

    • It’s impossible to see the whole country in three days or less, so be sure to plan in advance in one area to see and visit well.

    • Learn how to say “hello” (ha-low), or “thank you” (Þakka þér fyrir [thah-ka thyer fi-rir) in Icelandic.

    • Be sensitive to the natural surroundings and try not to trample on moss.

    • Pay attention to the signs as off-road driving is illegal in Iceland.

    • Be wary of some natural dangers, including hot springs or hot areas that are not safe to go in.

    If you’re in Reykjavik, Eliza also recommends starting your day at one of the local cafes and then checking out some of the artisanal shops, breweries, or chocolate and cheese makers. As always, she also suggests getting a tour and seeing a show at the world-famous Harpa concert hall, or getting an “authentic Icelandic experience” by relaxing and unwinding in one of the geothermal pools.

    Are you ready to be a smart and safe traveler? Take Inspired by Iceland’s pledge to be a responsible traveler and receive your badge today!

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