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    June 04 2015

    Welcome the Summer Solstice the Icelandic Way

    Dill restaurant’s Chef Gunnar Gislason shares solstice-themed Icelandic recipes.

    On June 21, Iceland’s midnight sun returns once again with the summer solstice, and Icelanders celebrate with traditional gatherings, bonfires and music, and an array of Icelandic food and drinks. No matter where you are in the world, everyone can experience a taste of Icelandic tradition to kick of summer a little differently! Since the solstice is on a Sunday this year, chef Dill restaurant in Reykjavik created these solstice-inspired brunch dishes and cocktail recipes to help you prepare for the day of celebration ahead.

    Cocktail Recipes

    The Clear Bloody Mary

    Bloody Mary 
    6 parts clear tomato juice
    2 parts Reyka Vodka
    2 bar spoons sriracha
    2 bar spoons lemon juice
    2 bar spoons soy sauce
    1 bar spoon apple vinegar

    Celery Granite
    40 parts celery juice
    6 parts sugar syrup
    Combine ingredients, then freeze.

    Mix all bloody mary ingredients in a shaker with ice, then strain over celery granite. 

    Summery Reyka Beer Float

    Reyka Vodka, lime, ginger, syrup, white ale

    1 part ginger syrup
    1 part lime juice
    1 ½ parts Reyka vodka
    Shake and put into a long drink glass over ice. Garnish with a lime zest and top with white ale.

    Smokey Reyka Bay

    Smoked Reyka, Birkir, bitters, lemon, egg white and sea weed dust

    1 part smoked Reyka vodka
    1 part Birkir
    1 part fresh lemon juice
    1 part sugar syrup
    3 dashes h12 bitter
    ½ egg white
    Shake ingredients only, then add ice and shake again. Strain over a big block of ice and top with dried and powdered seaweed.


    Reyka Vodka, elderflower syrup, lemon, cherries, nectarines, elderflower cordial

    1 ½ parts Reyka Vodka 
    2 black cherries, each cut in half
    ½ nectarine in slices
    ½ parts lemon
    ½ parts elderflower essence
    Blend Reyka Vodka, berries, fruit and lemon juice. Let stand for 2 hours. 
    Strain and shake with elderflower essence. Fill a tall glass with berries and fruits and pour in the drink. Top with elderflower cordial. 

    Brunch Recipes 

    Hungry for more? Check out Reyka’s website for many more cocktail recipes and Chef Gislason’s cookbook NORTH for fresh, Icelandic recipes accompanied by stunning photos of the incredible country.

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