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    September 20 2016

    Felicia Chin-Braxton

    Felicia Chin-Braxton was inspired to pursue a career in bartending after hearing her father’s stories of traveling around the world to bartend in different countries. Getting her start in sports bars and a fine dining restaurant, Felicia really started to geek about cocktails a few years ago when she realized there was a whole other side of bartending which became crafting.

    She enjoys sipping on good whiskey or shooting a great tequila.

    You can find Felicia serving up her sass and beautifully crafted cocktails at The Carlile Room and at Witness where she has quite the following.

    Felicia has crafted three delicious and Iceland inspired signature cocktails for Taste of Iceland (pictured below) Find out what’s in each below!  


    • Reyka Vodka

    • Sour Orange

    • Barley Malt

    • Carbonation


    • Brennivin

    • Mixed Berry Tonic

    • Lemon, Dill

    Red Death:

    • Brennivin

    • Grapefruit

    • Cardamaro

    • Star Anise

    • Beet Juice


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Inspired by Iceland