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    September 01 2015

    Iceland Day Dinner Menu

    • Crunchy leaf bread with smoked Icelandic leg of lamb from the west of Iceland

    • Smoked trout on a torched flat bread

    • Wild goose liver parfait

    • Lamb terrine ‘’Sviðasulta‘’ and sweet rutabaga

    • Geothermal cooked rye bread with salted Icelandic butter

    • Langoustine and green vegetables

    • Glazed carrots with pickled onions

    • Slow cooked cod and apples

    • Pan fried cod with brown butter sauce and pickled Icelandic seaweed

    • Baked Celeriac dressed with dried grapes, almonds and dill vinaigrette

    • Skyr ice cream and Omnom chocolate mousse ‘’Ástapungar‘’ with salted caramel
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Inspired by Iceland