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    September 20 2016



    • Arctic char and char roe

    Served with oyster emulsion, cucumber, crisp rye bread and dill vinaigrette.

    • Cod with cauliflower 3 way dulse, cress and Beurre noisette vinaigrette.

    • Char grilled filet of lamb

    Served with celeriac, kale and crowberry sauce.

    • White chocolate brownie

    Served with Icelandic Provisions Skyr ganache, bilberry's sorbet and meringue.

    "The four-course menu is $75 and reservations can be made by calling (206) 946-9720. Note: 20% service charge. 100% of these funds are distributed to our team in the form of wages, sales commissions, benefits, and revenue share"

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Inspired by Iceland