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    October 06 2016

    Miheer Shete

    Chef Miheer Shete discovered his love of food and cooking as a young teen growing up in Mumbai, India. His passion for the culinary arts and curiosity about different cultures and cuisines has led to an illustrious career as a globe-trotting chef, cooking his way around the world. 

    Receiving his degree in Hospitality Management from Kohinoor-IMI (Switzerland), Chef Miheer has worked under French master chef Jose Gutierrez, and has cooked at Michelin-starred Chapter Restaurant (London, UK). Upon making the move to Canada in 2010, Chef Miheer took on the role of Sous Chef at Paese Ristorante. During his tenure with the restaurant, he impressed with his skill, knowledge, and flair for international flavours, working his way through the ranks to become Chef de Cuisine. 

    It was this talent and panache that attracted the attention of O&B’s Corporate Executive Chef Anthony Walsh, who recognized Chef Miheer’s ability to create unique and contemporary Canadian cuisine inspired by and reminiscent of a myriad of global influences. Miheer joined the O&B team in 2014, serving as Chef de Cuisine of Bannock as well as O&B Café Grill, Bayview Village. Now overseeing the kitchen at Jump, Chef Miheer brings a breadth of global experience and a relentless passion to the table.

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