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    November 30 2016

    Think Outside the Box and Spend your Spring Break in Iceland This Year!

    Reykjavik Insider is offering guided tours through Iceland for Spring Break 2017!

    Credit: Reykjavik Insider

    Spring break usually consists of hot beaches and piña colada, but Reykjavik Insiders is offering a new type of spring break trip filled with hot springs and Brennivin and Reyka. The tour service will be offering four day  tours starting every Thursday from February 16 to April 27.

    The tour includes snorkeling in Silfra, bathing in a geothermal spa and, of course, a trip to the beach (well, the snowy glaciers of Black Beach, but it is still a beach)! The tour ends with a day of relaxation and experiencing local culture in Reykjavik. The package includes accommodation for 4 nights, food, Blue Lagoon entry and, weather permitting, nightly viewings of the Northern Lights. 

    You can book your trip here, for $1,399. Tours are limited to 18-persons groups and groups of 8 or more have the ability to customize their tour schedule!

    Are you planning on heading to Iceland for Spring Break 2017? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us at @IcelandNatural.

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