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    March 21 2017

    Michael Fawthrop

    Michael Fawthrop discovered a deep passion for the hospitality industry at a young age while growing up in Seattle. At the age of 12, he started to work his way through the industry. From busboy to polisher to server to cook, this journey
    led him to work at some of the best bars in the world as bartender and beverage director. Fawthrop started bartending as the cocktail rebirth was in full swing, first in Thailand and then to staging at other notable cocktail establishments in various cities, including London and Mexico City. He has trained at some of the best bars in the world including Canon: Whiskey and Bitters Emporium with Jamie Boudreu in Seattle and The Aviary with Charles Joly in Chicago. Previously Fawthrop was the beverage director at Cantina 1910, where he was known for inventive and thoughtful libations inspired by his many travels. Most recently, Fawthrop was part of the LondonHouse opening team as Beverage Manager. At Conrad Chicago, he is bringing his passion for creating dynamic beverage programs to Baptiste & Bottle.
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