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    December 20 2017

    The Perfect Cocktail for the New Year From Reyka Vodka!

    Enjoy this delicious recipe from Iceland’s favorite vodka.

    Straight from glacial spring water, lava rock filtration, and geothermal energy, Reyka Vodka is both made in Iceland and of Iceland. Bring the Nordic nation’s favorite vodka to your home in the new year with one of Reyka’s festive cocktails! Handcrafted by brand ambassador Trevor Schneider, this recipe is easy to make, and sure to delight all of your guests at any party in 2018.

    Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

    • 1.5 part Reyka Vodka
    • 1 part fresh lemon juice
    • .75 part Butterfly Pea Flower tea syrup
    • Top dry champagne

    Simply combine all of these ingredients together and shake well. Strain your drink into your glass of choice (we recommend champagne flutes for an extra flair), and top with champagne. 

    For more ways to bring Iceland to your home this holiday season, check out one of Reyka’s other recipes. Let us know what you think of these cocktails by joining the conversation on Twitter!

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