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    May 27 2016

    The Many Ways to Enjoy Iceland's Midnight Sun This Summer

    Enjoy Iceland's endless summer sunlight with these fun events!

    Summer in Iceland is magical. The sun remains visible nearly 24 hours a day, creating a phenomenon known as the 'midnight sun.' The midnight sun begins around the summer solstice and lasts for up to two months, giving travelers plenty of daylight hours to fully explore the land of ice and fire. Below are a few special events that visitors can experience all while basking in the midnight sun.

    June 16-19: Secret Solstice Festival

    The Secret Solstice Festival takes place in Reykjavik June 16-19 this year. The festival features 170 artists and features an interesting combination of local and international artists both well known and as well as emerging talent. Side events include Into The Glacier - the world's only party inside a glacier! Only 100 guests will have the chance to experience a once-in-a-lifetime party in the Langjökull glacier, the second largest in Iceland and Europe. Learn more about this truly unique and find out how you can party in daylight after midnight by clicking here.

    June 22-25: The Arctic Open

    Take part in a game of midnight golf at Akureyri Golf Club in northern Iceland. This international golf tournament began in 1986. Enjoy unforgettable beauty in peace and quiet as you golf the 36 hole tournament over two days. Over the years, the golf course has grown to become a challenging 18-hole championship course, measuring more than 6,400 yards in length.

    August 2-7: Reykjavik Pride

    People from all over come together in Iceland to take part in the Reykjavik Pride parade. This event celebrates universal human rights and the small parade has expanded and evolved into a colorful six-day celebration that attracts up to 100,000 guests!

    August 9-14: Reykjavik Annual Jazz Festival

    August 20th: Reykjavik Culture Night

    Later in the summer is the 21st Reykjavik Culture Night! The event, which is both created and enjoyed by city residents, takes place across the city with celebrations in city streets and squares, in museums, businesses and even residential gardens! With more than 100,000 guests and 600 events, the event has become the most popular event and greatest celebration among Reykjavik locals.

    August 20th: Reykjavik Marathon

    Local and international runners start their day with a run and then celebrate by participating in Culture Night activities. The race offers an atmosphere that is both relaxed and welcoming.

    August 24-28: Reykjavik Dance Festival

    Whether partaking in these outdoor events and activities or just simply taking in the sights and sounds of Iceland, the midnight sun is truly a beautiful phenomenon that any traveler should experience!

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