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    January 11 2016

    National Geographic Names Aurora Borealis One of the Best Photos of 2015

    Iceland’s natural beauty is recognized as one of the most breathtaking photos of the year.

    photo credit Daniele Boffelli

    Iceland is known for its picturesque beauty, often captured by experienced photographers from around the world. With the amount of beautiful scenery throughout Iceland, it’s no surprise that National Geographic named a photograph of the aurora borealis one of the best photos of 2015.

    The photograph, taken by Daniele Boffelli, beautifully captures the aurora borealis setting the Iceland sky alight with a supernatural green glow. This phenomenon, also known as the northern lights, occurs when the sun sends charged particles across the Earth. The best time to see this light show is on a clear winter night; the colder it is, the more visible these lights become.

    This is not the first time that National Geographic has featured a photograph of Iceland on its website. Over the years, Iceland has become recognized as one of the most beautiful wonderlands on earth, and National Geographic has helped demonstrate just how beautiful Iceland truly is. Click here to see other breathtaking photographs of Iceland.

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