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    February 02 2016

    Beebee and the bluebirds

    Beebee and the bluebirds

    Brynhildur began her music studies as a child, learning to play the violin.  In 2008 she had developed an interest in songwriting and wanted to take it to another level; by that time, she had already started playing the acoustic guitar. She applied to go to Iceland Arts in the Composition department. She started there that fall and finished in 2011, with degrees in composition and classical singing. In 2010 she started the band Beebee and the bluebirds to take part in the Reykjavik Blues festival. At the beginning of October 2014, their debut album, entitled "Burning heart", appeared on the market. All of the music and lyrics were written by Brynhildur, but there was a large group of talented musicians that took part in the recordings.

    The album is shun from jazz, improvisation and blues, but also reaches for the soul. Two songs from the album have reached the top 30 chart at the national radio station, Rás 2. Brynhildur has been studying jazz vocals and jazz/rock guitar for several years in FÍH.

    In addition to being a blues and jazz musician, Brynhildur also had a career in horse training after 2 years of study at Hólar horse College, before the music took over.

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