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    February 12 2018

    TOI Boston 2018: Cocktail Menu


    Strawberry Fields Forever

    45ml Brennivín

    50ml coconut cream

    25ml strawberry syrup

    15ml lemon


    Double strain into a rocks glass with ice

    Garnish lemon balm, minced strawberries and micrograted lemon zests


    Weekend Getaway

    50ml Reyka Vodka

    25ml blueberry syrup

    25ml fresh lemon


    1 sprig thyme

    Dry shake and shake with ice

    Strain into a chilled travel mug

    Garnish with freeze dried or fresh blueberries


    Into the Glacier

    40ml Brennivín

    30ml fresh lemon

    25ml caraway syrup

    10ml violet liquor

    2 dashes rhubarb bitter

    Spray eucalyptus essential oil


    Double strain into a coupe

    Garnish Tiger lily or lemon zest and thyme

    Optional: Clear Ice block ice


    Honey Ryder

    40ml Reyka Vodka

    10ml fino sherry

    30ml fresh orange Juice

    20ml lemon

    20ml honey syrup


    Double strain into a coupe

    Spray lemon zest over

    Garnish primrose

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Inspired by Iceland