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    September 14 2018

    Check Out Reyka Vodka’s New “Cold Brewtini” Cocktail Kit!

    Reyka’s latest cocktail is a modern twist on the traditional espresso martini.

    Iceland’s favorite vodka, Reyka Vodka, and La Colombe Coffee Roasters have teamed up to create a spinoff of the traditional espresso martini dubbed the “Cold Brewtini.” Reyka’s smooth and pure taste highlights the unique coffee flavor, creating a cocktail that is sophisticated, flavorful and delicious. Reyka and La Colombe have created a kit with all the ingredients you need to make this tasty, caffeinated cocktail in your own home.

    Cold Brewtini

    • 2 parts Reyka Vodka

    • 2 parts La Colombe Pure Black cold brew

    • .5 parts simple syrup (1:1)

    • Glass: Martini

    • Garnish: Coffee beans (optional)

    Method: Shake

    Instructions: Combine all the ingredients into shaker with ice. Shake, strain & garnish.

    Do you plan on trying out Reyka’s new Cold Brewtini? Let us know on Twitter @IcelandNatural!

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