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    June 25 2015

    Independent Film BOKEH Selected as 1 of 10 Films to be Part of IFP’s Narrative Labs!

    A guest post by the film's producer, Briene Lermitte

    Last week we had some big news, BOKEH was selected as 1 of 10 films to be part of IFP’s Narrative Labs. The Labs are a year long program to guide first-time filmmakers through the completion of post-production, sales and distribution. The main stepping stones of post production are behind us as we head into the final stages of polish, getting ready to present the film to the world.

    That was last week. But rewind to last year and a quick turn off the main road, would have our SUVs slump onto a dirt path. Miles down the road the wheels spun as they grasped for the mud at the bottom of the river until reaching shore on the other side. From there we went on foot, equipment in hand, gear on our backs. We jumped from stone to stone, carefully navigating each leap to protect our valuable packs, often using makeshift bridges assembled by our locations team when the gaps were too wide. Finally, we reached our destination, the pebble shores of a river canyon with terraced waterfalls pushed back into the deep curves of Iceland where we would shoot our next scene.

    Last June we had 42 boots on the ground in Iceland, reveling in the midnight sun and the endless golden hours it afforded us to film. Over the last eleven months, we've chiseled and cut, and hurdled the stepping stones of post production - and Bokeh is emerging.

    Through the process, some exciting things occurred that we didn’t imagine were possible.

    We raised $48,627 from 610 Kickstarter backers to help bring this project to life

    We’ve scored the film with Keegan DeWitt, a wonderful composer whose work we’ve only admired from a far - until now.

    We’ve added voice, emptied the world of noise, and worked with Skywalker Sound at Skywalker Ranch on the sound design - a dream come true, quite literally. Our Post-Production Sound Supervisor, David Sandwisch, has spent endless hours shepherding the overall sounds of BOKEH.

    We’ve removed all the extraneous people who should not exist in BOKEH’s world, and given content to our technology devices all thanks to the VFX expertise of Ryan Summers.

    We’ve added (or subtracted) mood and emotion through color grading at COLOR A GO-GO in San Francisco.

    We’ve now seen a work-in-progress of BOKEH in Stag, the theater at Skywalker Ranch, one of the nicest screens in the world, and are more excited than ever to bring it to you.

    To stay up to date with BOKEH, visit us at https://www.facebook.com/bokehmovie

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