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    September 18 2015

    Say Cheese! Iceland Was Featured on Snapchat’s Live Feed

    See Iceland from a unique and personal point of view.

    Snapchat users all over Iceland this week had the opportunity to send in photos and videos  for Snapchat’s “One Week of Islands” series, a Live feed available to all Snapchat users. Users could tap through the “story” on their phones, seeing Iceland from the points of view of its travelers and locals alike!

    We were able to view some gorgeous scenery…

    Visit locals at their favorite hangout spots…

    And even view some traditional, homemade Icelandic cuisine…

    What a unique opportunity to see some of Iceland’s personality! Tune in to Snapchat’s live feed to view live events like this one from all over the world - from Iceland, to Hawaii, to India and everywhere in between!

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