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    October 02 2015

    Midday Veil

    Known for dramatic, multimedia performances as well as subtle, varied recordings, Seattle experimentarock ensemble Midday Veil combines otherworldly vocals and cosmic synths with driving, hypnotic rock grooves to produce music that rewards careful listening and defies easy categorization.

    Following the acclaim of The Current -- listed by THE WIRE among the top avant-rock albums of 2013 --Midday Veil returns with This Wilderness, a 7-track opus that chronicles the rise and fall of Western civilization from the vantage point of a goddess in exile. Songwriter Emily Pothast gives voice to the Mystery with an uncanny, poetic presence, while the outsized synth wizardry of co-founder David Golightly dazzles under the influence of everything from Stockhausen to Donna Summer. The intricate percussion of Garrett Moore, driving bass of Jayson Kochan and explosive, reptilian guitar lines of multi-instrumentalist Timm Mason provide a distinctive foundation for these animated, infectious songs. Features guest spots from Bernie Worrell (Parliament, Funkadelic), Eyvind Kang & Skerik. Produced by Randall Dunn.

    "It perfectly embodies the band’s self-described cosmic synth rock, but also displays their willingness to branch out and be creative." - CULTURE COLLIDE

    "A soaring, conga-riffic blissfest that will make your soul emit sunbeams." - SEATTLE WEEKLY​

    “Sensual and mystical. . . the rhythms of a world gone completely mad for all the right reasons.” – TINY MIX TAPES

    Midday Veil
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