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    The oldest producers of beer and soft drinks in Iceland




    The story of Brennivin

    Brennivin is uniquely Icelandic. The legal beginnings of this distinctive spirit were in 1935, when prohibition was partially lifted on the island. A black label was chosen to be unappealing and limit the demand. However, it had the opposite effect. Today the Brennivin label is a symbol for Iceland´s signature drink – and of Iceland itself.

    The taste of Brennivin

    Brennivin is made from pure, Icelandic spring water and spiced with caraway seeds. The old tradition is to serve it ice-cold as a shot but nowadays people are trying new things. Bartenders are experimenting with the spirit by making all sorts of delicious Brennivin-cocktails as well as serving it as an ice-cold sipper either with or without food.

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    The Story of Gull


    Gull is one of Iceland´s best known brands and has been enjoyed by Icelanders since March 1st, 1989, when the 70 year beer prohibition was lifted.

    The Local Beer

    Gull is a pale lager brewed in the tradition of the German Münchener helles method, in which malt plays a major role. Its distinctive taste derives from the pure Icelandic water and barley it is brewed with, making it unique among beers.

    Gull (Icelandic for gold) is classic and crisp, has a clear golden sheen, small white head, light toasted malt nose and a fresh lemony tang. No wonder Gull has received a number of prizes, including the “World´s Best Standard Lager” at the World Beer Awards 2011.

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    The story of Brio

    Brio was the first beer developed by Borg Brugghus, launched in May 2010. The brewmasters Sturlaugur Jon Bjornsson and Gudmundur Mar Magnusson developed it with the owners of the popular Reykjavik pub, Olstofa Kormaks & Skjaldar. The aim was to produce a premium German-style Pilsener that would please the local hipsters and bohemians. Out came this fresh, pale but cheerful pilsner with a bitter lemony taste, followed by a dry crisp finish.

    The name Brio

    One of the locals that used to visit Olstofan was an artist called Steingrimur Eyfjord. He was always very vigorous and energetic and because of that he was called Brio, which is an old Italian word for liveliness or vigor. Sadly, Brio past away and it was decided to name the beer after him. 


    Brio won gold at the World Beer Awards 2012 for being the world´s best lager pilsner and at the World Beer Cup for being the best German pilsner.

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    borg brugghus

    Borg Brugghus History

    The craftbrewery Borg Brugghus was established in 2010 for the main purpose of expanding the supply of new and exciting types of beer to beer-enthusiasts while experimenting with Icelandic ingredients.

    What we do

    The brewers focus on the beers being a good match with different kind of foods. There is a story behind each and every beer produced by Borg Brugghus and every detail is carefully thought out with the main focus being quality.

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