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    February 06 2017

    Kári Sigurðsson

    ​Kári Sigurðsson started his career late 2011 as a bar-back at downtown bar called Faktory, but quickly worked his way up to a bartending position. Most recently he has been the head bartender at Apotek Restaurant, as well as guiding beer and cocktail crawls in Reykjavik. With the cocktail scene being almost nonexistent at the start of his career, to being in the blossoming state that is in now with all the new restaurants and cocktail bars that have recently opened, Kári has directly taken part and affected its evolution. Between starting as a bar-back to being head bartender he has worked at numerous bars and restaurant, constantly learning from others and improving his knowledge of the craft. Kári has taken part in numerous competition, most notably winning the Icelandic Championships twice in a row, and the 2015 Brennivín competition, which won him a trip to New Orleans’s Tails of the Cocktail. He has worked closely with Brennivín ever since, hosting events abroad and pop-up bars during Iceland Airwaves. When Apotek opened in December 2015, it was the first cocktail bar Kári was involved with from the early stages, helping design the bar and setting the theme and menu. Apotek would go on to win Best Cocktail Bar in Reykjavík the two following years, and still holds the title today.

    Photo Credit: Júlíus Sigurjónsson

    Photo credit: Júlíus Sigurjónsson

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