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    October 21 2015

    Taste of Iceland Toronto Icelandic Menu

    Icelandic Cod - dill mayo, seaweed salad, salmon roe
         Flat Rock 'Twisted' Riesling/Gewurztraiminer/Chardonnay, ON (3oz. - 6.00, 6oz. - 12.00)

    Icelandic cod

    Langoustine Risotto - shellfish sauce, fennel salad
         Cannonball Chardonnay, CA (3oz. - 7.50, 6oz. - 15.00)

    Langoustine Risotto

    Icelandic Lamb - small potatoes, creamed mushrooms with port and garlic, garlic confit
         Penfolds 'Bin 2' Shiraz/Mourvèdre, AU (3oz. - 8.00, 6oz. - 16.00)

    Icelandic Lamb

    Icelandic Skyr - sorbet, caramelized white chocolate, cream cheese mousse, raspberries
         Cave Spring 'Indian Summer' Select Late Harvest Riesling, ON (2oz. - 10.00)

    Icelandic Skyr

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