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    February 18 2016

    Taste of Iceland in Boston 2016 Icelandic Menu

    Icelandic Arctic Char
    Torched Arctic Char served with picked cucumber, horseradish sauce, dill, char roe, "söl" and Icelandic seaweed

    Icelandic Arctic Char

    Wild-Caught Icelandic Cod
    Pan-fried, lightly salted cod and langoustine tail served with sunchokes, apple, Icelandic rye bread and langoustine sauce

    Icelandic Free-Range Lamb
    Grilled loin of lamb with baked celeriac, dried grapes, roasted hazelnuts and lamb jus

    Icelandic Free-Range Lamb

    "Ástarpungar" & Icelandic Skyr
    "Ástarpungar" with skyr lemon ice cream, caramel chocolate mousse, salted caramel and raspberries

    Astarpungar and Icelandic Skyr

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Inspired by Iceland